Why you Should Break out of your Routine and Travel

Let's go travel

travel planning, backpack, mapEver worked through the piles of work-related tasks daydreaming about where you’d like to be in that exact moment instead of where you are right now? The thought of just going away for a few days to recharge your batteries from your everyday habits and duties? Sometimes breaking out of your routine is something you think of so often that it even has become part of your own routine! That’s you, me and everyone else. It’s a natural condition of the human being to always desire more and new things.


Don’t live to work, work to live!

Let's go travelUnfortunately, nowadays your life is consumed by work and it imposes what you have to do: when you have to wake up, the place where most of your day will be spent, people you will engage with all day, conversations to be had, among many others.

If you’re trying to disrupt your routine there is no better time than right now! Make no time for excuses and don’t delay your plans to visit the locations you want to go – it’s now or never to get out from under that grey cloud.


Write down that bucket list!

Map, travel planningStart by listing a couple of places you’d like to visit and from there you just need to plan the perfect trip – and you will see it is as exciting as the trip itself! When you plan your schedule, you are consumed with anticipation and excitement, thinking of all the top spots you want to go, the breath-taking sights ready to be captured, counting down the days to embark on your well-deserved journey and leave your routine behind. Plan everything accordingly so there are minimal surprises – although you will come across some because like life, travelling can’t be 100% predicted.


Get out there and expand your horizon!

Long road, horizonTravelling truly is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer. It’s an adventure that you are in charge of to forge your own path towards exciting experiences. It benefits you by opening your eyes to the world and live a different reality than the own from your routine. During your experience, you will get to know yourself more and other people as well to create meaningful relationships – they for sure will become a future meeting point on the map for you for a reencounter. Travelling is the best routine breaker as it will awake you to new life perspectives and help you understand that people don’t perceive life the same way as you do – we are not all the same and that’s what makes it exciting! It’s the perfect opportunity to pause and reflect on yourself, your perspectives, life and goals in the long run. On top of it all, it’s the memories you create along the way that you will value the as well as the unique stories you can share with others about your experiences. You will feel accomplished and evolved as a person.

Routine isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It may be an easy way to organize your life and help you navigate easily throughout your days, but when the days all start to resemble the previous and the dates fly by before you can even notice then it’s time for a little reality check, preferably abroad and far away from your comfort zone. In fact, breaking the routine can be something you incorporate in your own routine. You should consider taking the time to organize a couple of scheduled travels around the world to help you cross off those days in your calendar and have something to look for – visiting new places, creating new memories and improving yourself to be the your best version.


David Mateus

David is a Digital Marketing Manager with a side passion for copywriting. Aside from traveling, he loves to capture that perfect instagram shot and listen to music.

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