5 Places every Adrenaline Junkie Should Visit

Kitesurfing Camber Sands

I have never really understood the pleasure people get from pressure filled sports, but I also think I am one person who is just a fly on the wall when it comes to extreme sports. Anything more than a simple high jump or a simple swim is not for me. I like it simple, I like it pretty but I also enjoy being a cheerleader for the daredevils.

In my cheerleading sojourns I have seen some places that any person who loves the hot, the tough and the high pressure kind of activities can visit and get to have some of the most fascinating experiences of all time.

Below are a few of the best places where you can engage in different kinds of thrilling activities for the daredevils, the cheerleaders and anyone in between who desires to have a taste of the Goosebumps filled activities in the safety of their houses just by reading.


Heliskiing in Alaska

Macau Tower
Photo: www.alaskaheliskiing.com


So you thought Alaska was just a boring snow filled state? How wrong were you Imagine jumping off a helicopter in an inspiring terrain, endless steeps and going through the massive perpendicular feet? It is glorious, astounding and awe-inspiring. The best part is that, there are numerous of such perfect spots for those who love Heliskiing in Alaska.

From the Chugach Mountains in the west and Haines in the North to Todrillo, the small mountain ranges in south central Alaska you will find some of the softest and deepest powder incomparable to none in the world. Making it just the perfect location for your Heliskiing escapades.


Bungee jumping in china’s Macau Tower


Photo: www.skydive.com.au

A common saying among the people who like the high adrenaline activities is nothing beats it like doing it. There isn’t a fear as great as that of falling of a great height. You see yourself going down faster than you could ever shout heeeeelp, your life literally flashes before your eyes until you remember that you have a very modern cable in place to comfortably hold and ensure your securit

Standing at 233 metres high (764 feet) Macau tower is the world’s highest bungee jump point. Once you get off your fears, you will notice the beautiful Macau views that are all around you as you go down.

A sphere shaped, second generation cord is put in place to make equal the weight dispersal through the length of the safety cord making it very safe.


Kite surfing in camber sands, UK


Kitesurfing Camber Sands
Photo: www.thekitesurfcentre.com

There are those who love to take part in high adrenaline activities but prefer that this activities are done in the water. They literally want to swim with the sharks. If you are one of them then this is for you.

Kitesurfing is only allowed on the eastern side of the beach in camber sands which is marked off by a white and black flag. The area has some of the most reliable winds making it very popular and with many kiters over the weekends.

If you are know nothing about the sport and would really want to try it, don’t worry you can still take part in the unforgettable experience. There are many kitesurfing training centres around the area that would definitely help you be on your feet.


Sky diving in Australia


Photo: www.skydive.com.au

There are various skydiving locations for who are after the unsurpassed plunge in Australia. From the 14000 feet jump on the great ocean road in Victoria and the 15000 feet jump to the picturesque Rottnest Island to the 14000 feet jump in Queensland, Mission beach.

Skydiving is one of the most fulfilling activities anyone can engage in. the sights from above are like no other and the fact that you are only restricted by the parachute allows you to take in the scents of the flowers and  the fresh air around you.


Zip lining in Sun City

Photo: www.zip2000.com


Brace yourself, you are going on an expedition like no other. The zip line at Sun City is at least 2km long and can go up to the speeds of between 120km/hr to 160km/hr making it the world’s fastest and longest zip line.

You won’t have a chance to feel afraid as all around, you get to see some of the best views of this breath taking South African city.


And then there was the cheese…

Cheese rolling Gloucester
Photo: www.cheese-rolling.co.uk

The sport, which was first performed in the area in the fifteen hundreds has continued to be one of the most crowd pulling and loved events of all times.

Hmmmmmm, I love cheese, but would I really run after it down a hill, let alone a steep one? I don’t know.



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